Gwinnett Mothers of Multiples
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We meet at 7:30pm the second Tuesday of every month
(except May and December) at Cannon United Methodist Church,
2424 Webb Gin House Road in Snellville, Georgia.
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Please call 240-466-6074 for more information.

Our Next Meeting is June 9th

Spring Party is CANCELED due to inclement weather!

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March's Message From Our President, Jessica Brown

President's Message


Bring on Spring!!!

My Florida-raised blood has had trouble with this bitter cold we have been experiencing. I am looking forward to sunshine and warmer days ahead. I hope everyone is busy tagging. I am not yet but I always seem to wait until the last minute to start on my sale stuff. I have been piling it up though. If you haven't signed up to sell, please do so! Contact a sales chair if there is something we can do to make that happen!

As we head into the last few months of our GMOM year, please be looking at volunteering in some capacity. Don't be afraid to try a position or host a party. We have a lot of board members who have served on the board for a few years who need to focus elsewhere. Please let me know if you are interested. Times are a changing and we need to as a club as well. Stay posted as we enter into the summer. Let us know what we can do to meet your needs. We are here to support each other and that is our focus.

My kids are still hoping for snow before this winter ends. As a teacher, I am praying it keeps passing us by.

Peace, Love and Multiples,

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Message From Our Vice President, Christina Dillard

Vice President's Message

Welcome to March, GMOMs! Thanks to everyone who attended our trivia night in February-and a bigger thanks to Tamara Herber and her husband, for providing entertainment for us. I may not have known that Avatar has the highest worldwide box office gross to date. My husband, however, did. Too bad he's not a GMOM; that could have won the game for him. Congratulations to Team Left for winning our friendly trivia game.

For our March meeting, we're taking a step in a more serious direction. Our own Molly Wood's husband will present to us about financial preparedness. I hope you'll join us for an informative evening about ensuring your nest egg is where it needs to be.

If you haven't registered for the sale yet, it's not too late! If you're unsure about the logistics, please reach out to a veteran seller, board member or sale chair. We will see you there!

See you for trivia night!

Thank you!



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